Accomplishments in FY15

That last post was pretty negative and while accurately reflective of my life at the micro level, I thought I’d follow it up with some awesome successes I’ve had at the macro level in 2015 so far:

  • Discovered FIRE!  I never knew this community existed and I had no idea early retirement was even possible.  I immigrated to this country from a place where everyone worked into their grave so my big privileged millennial-American goal for years was retirement by 65.  Since discovering FIRE, I’ve realigned my goal of retirement to 45 (or sooner) and couldn’t be happier about it (I’m 29 now).
  • Paid off the last of my $37,136 in student loans after 3.5 years.
  • Increased my annual income by $15K with a new job.
  • Started tracking my net worth, debts and retirement vision in a series of elaborate google sheets that I love geeking out over.
  • Started saving aggressively towards retirement with a maxed out IRA and 401K.  FY16 will include the added maxing out of an HSA and the introduction of saving the tax savings into a brokerage account.
  • Established a 10+ year financial vision!  This is a bit redundant with what I’ve said before, but I wanted to reiterate this separately because it relates to a target state of saving $750-$900K to retire.
  • Learned about the perks of maxing out traditional retirement accounts for the tax savings and then investing those savings.
  • Started seriously saving towards an emergency fund.
  • Adopted a more minimalist lifestyle that doesn’t involve eating out every day (which I’ve done for years now) and discovered the joys, trials and tribulations of cooking/baking.
  • Started paying attention to my investment fees and almost immediately rolled over my previous employer’s 401K from Fidelity to a Vanguard IRA.
  • Minimalism! Still working on optimizing this one, but I have drank the coolaid.

I consider myself very lucky for what 2015 has given me so far and I am pretty stoked to see what the next decade holds.


Hi there!

My name will heretofore be Trying and I am brand spanking new to the FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) community.

What’s with the title?  It’s mostly to poke fun of myself.  I can get competitive and be harsh on myself when left unchecked, so the title is a reminder for me to take it easy and not give up if I make a mistake (which I absolutely and without a doubt will).

I’m starting this blog on a particularly low note for me financially.  My mint account looks to be soul crushing and the absolute worst it has been in years.  November is bad.  Here’s what I mean:

– Checking: -$2930
– Visa: -$766
– IRA: $0
– Car Loan: -$7755
There’s are reasons for all three of those misery inducing numbers.  The checking is due to a monstrous eff up (for the third time) on behalf of Amex that has compelled me to lose all faith in them.  They’re working on it.  The Visa is locked up in the money that Amex is currently holding.  The IRA is currently in transition.  You see this is my rolled over 401K which is currently a check that is on its way to Vanguard to become an IRA. Add to that the fact that I got a contract an hour and a half away from my home for the next 8 months which means my plan to sell my car and the seller I had lined up with an agreed upon price are both on hold for the time being.
November is bad.
My relatively modest net worth took a ~67% nose dive in a single month.  I guess this is as good a time as any to get this blog started!