I’m sitting here in my comfortable bed on the brink of a cold weekend that I will spend warm, fed, entertained, and planning my dream of building wealth to one day buy my freedom.  To say that I am privileged would be a gross understatement.  In fact, I often feel sick to my stomach when I sit and consider my own privilege in life in comparison with those around me.  I don’t have to look very far to see the juxtaposition, and I also don’t have to search very far in my heart to feel my own disappointment in myself for not doing something about it.  I won’t bore the 2 people who may or may not one day read this with my existential angst (that I really have no right having).  Instead I will share what has me thinking this way.  It’s this wonderful documentary I stumbled upon tonight called HUMAN.  The entire documentary can be found on YouTube, and I highly recommend watching it from start to finish, but I especially wanted to share the part that resonated with me.  It just so happened to be delivered by the president of Uruguay.


“Either you’re very happy with little without overburdening yourself because you have happiness inside, or you’ll get nowhere. I am not advocating poverty.  I am advocating sobriety… When I buy something, or when you buy it, we’re not paying with money. We’re paying with the time from our lives we had to spend to earn that money. The difference is that you can’t buy life. Life just goes by. And it’s terrible to waste your life losing your freedom.”


January 2016 Review

Time to check in with how well I did in January!

Let’s start with the negatives and end on a high note.  Below are all of the things I didn’t explicitly budget for but fell under my catch all budget pool.

Expenditure Cost
Gifts for others $85.74
Convenience $6.46
An event I didn’t want to attend $12.89
Worst lunch in the history of lunches $28.63

Most of the discretionary money I spent this month was spent on other people or because of other people.

  • $85.74: spent on gifts for other people.  It’s a lot and thankfully this doesn’t happen every month.
  • $6.46: spent at a coffee shop with a friend because we simply needed a place to meet up and felt awkward not buying something once there.
  • $12.89: spent to attend an event that I didn’t particularly want to attend, but a friend really wanted to attend.
  • $28.63: The one expenditure on that list that irritates me to no end was this lunch.  My lunch didn’t actually cost that much, it’s just that this one awful person who I absolutely cannot stand decided to just not pay.  There were 6 people at this lunch and demanding we get individual bills would’ve been a hassle to the waiter, so we just all sucked it up and let the jerk have his moment.

$133.72 spent on things I did not benefit from in the long term.  

Welp, that’s stinks. Moving on to the happier parts!

I met 100% of my investment goals, 100% of my oh $h*t fund goal, and managed to walk away with $72 leftover from my $250 pot of discretionary money.

All in all?

Saved 64% of my take home!

Not too shabby January.  Not too shabby.