January 2016 Review

Time to check in with how well I did in January!

Let’s start with the negatives and end on a high note.  Below are all of the things I didn’t explicitly budget for but fell under my catch all budget pool.

Expenditure Cost
Gifts for others $85.74
Convenience $6.46
An event I didn’t want to attend $12.89
Worst lunch in the history of lunches $28.63

Most of the discretionary money I spent this month was spent on other people or because of other people.

  • $85.74: spent on gifts for other people.  It’s a lot and thankfully this doesn’t happen every month.
  • $6.46: spent at a coffee shop with a friend because we simply needed a place to meet up and felt awkward not buying something once there.
  • $12.89: spent to attend an event that I didn’t particularly want to attend, but a friend really wanted to attend.
  • $28.63: The one expenditure on that list that irritates me to no end was this lunch.  My lunch didn’t actually cost that much, it’s just that this one awful person who I absolutely cannot stand decided to just not pay.  There were 6 people at this lunch and demanding we get individual bills would’ve been a hassle to the waiter, so we just all sucked it up and let the jerk have his moment.

$133.72 spent on things I did not benefit from in the long term.  

Welp, that’s stinks. Moving on to the happier parts!

I met 100% of my investment goals, 100% of my oh $h*t fund goal, and managed to walk away with $72 leftover from my $250 pot of discretionary money.

All in all?

Saved 64% of my take home!

Not too shabby January.  Not too shabby.

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