Q1 – 2016

I have recently changed my tack and decided that I will update my accountability post quarterly, rather than monthly because… who are we kidding.

  • $250 bonus at work
  • On schedule for HSA max-out
  • Ahead of schedule for IRA max-out
  • Ahead of schedule (front loading) for 401K max-out
  • Tax bill
  • Bought my cell phone out of installment plan so I can transfer to a cheaper provider
  • Work now requires that I pay for parking
  • Comcast fee… because Comcast is like that
Car Loan  $-6,461 (+$777)
Oh Sh*t Fund (emergency savings)  76% of the way to goal (+$522)
Other Savings  +$446
Savings Rate  61%
Net Worth $52,282 (+$9,804)

Overall, not terrible, but I can certainly do better.

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