FI Data Viz #1

If you know me, you know I’m a weirdo for data visualization.  It’s not a habit driven out of my enjoyment of creating beautiful data visualizations, but rather out of my loathing of bad data visualizations.  What’s sad is that most of what I churn out falls FIRMLY in the latter camp of visualizations deserving of a one-way ticket home to jesus.

That all being said, I love the power of data visualizations!  When I was paying off my student loans, I made all sorts of charts to help me read and connect with the information.  Seeing the line slowly creep towards that horizontal axis value of $0 was my literal finish line.  As such, I thought I’d start doing some data viz for this blog.  So without further ado, let’s get to the nerding 🤓.

I have a document that I use to track the progress of my investment accounts on a monthly basis, as well as to track my contributions to those accounts.  With that information, I calculate and look at 3 variables:

  1. The total change in my portfolio since previous month (blue)
  2. How much of that change was caused by the market (orange)
  3. How much of that change was caused by my contributions (black)

I plotted the three variables below.

Viz Verdict

While my contributions over the past two years have been pretty consistent and increasing, the market has been doing what markets do.  A take away from the visualization could be that I need to make sure that the black line (my contribution) is always spiking when the market is on sale and the orange line dips.

At this point, this chart isn’t telling me anything I don’t know, but hey I already disclosed that I’m bad at this.  Hopefully with time, I can keep churning these out until I develop charts that are useful and motivational.

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