2017 YE wrap up

With 2017 wrapping up and all of us getting ready for 2018, I decided to share an update on how I did this year.  First, a quick summary of the year’s big highlights:

  • Got a promotion and raise
  • Lived on the west coast of the US for a few months (long enough to know that I’m jealous as heck of the weather/beach/national parks/food, and that I have absolutely no interest in contending with Bay Area traffic or housing)
  • Visited 3 new states and revisited 8 other ones
  • Visited the Grand Canyon and Yosemite for the first time
  • Entered the 6 figure club!
  • Dropped my investment fees under 1% by moving things around

Overall, a stressful but blessedly busy year.  So how did I do financially?

Expense Category % of pretax income % of post-tax income
Taxes 23.7% (this is prelim & will drop after I do my taxes) NA
IRA/401K/HSA/Brokerage 45.9% 60.9%
Living Expenses 32.1% 42.5%

My savings rate goal for 2017 was 60% so I’ll call this year a win at 60.9%!  All of these in combination with the bull market saw me increase my net worth by ~$60K, or 45%.  I’m enjoying these early years of accumulation jumps.  I doubt I’ll see a 45% increase in net worth in one year very often in the future.

Looking forward, my goals for 2018 are:

  • Change jobs
  • Move to a lower COL city
  • Increase my savings rate to 65%+ of post-tax take home
  • Purchase rental property? This one is a bit ambitious, but I’m on the lookout

Happy holidays & a happy 2018 to you all! Onwards and upwards!