The first 100K is the hardest

General observation on progress and the time it takes to make it:

My net Worth The amount of time it took to get there
-$53,132 <1 hour – getting into debt is easy y’all!
$0 22 months
$50,000 23 months from NW $0
$100,000 39 months from NW $0
$150,000 50 months from NW $0
$175,000 54 months from NW $0

That first $100K took me over 3 years to accumulate!

The second $100K seems to be coming along much faster and I anticipate I will have it by the end of winter (barring economic meltdown).  That will mean that I will have accumulated my second $100K in just under 2 years.

I like this change in pace.

This is a good reminder at a time when I’m kicking myself for having rolled a traditional IRA into my 401K before realizing that I have joined the ranks of the “phased out of being able to deduct an IRA + 401K” group and should have recharacterized the difference to a Roth IRA.  Meh you live and you learn.

The point of this post is to share my experience with how the change in pace happens when aided by a handful of factors.  For me, these have been:

  • Compound returns and interest
  • Higher earnings (presumably, you earn more the further along you are in your FI practice and education)
  • Greater optimization in the pursuit of FI
  • More consistent and disciplined practices in pursuit of FI

I’m still learning, but one of the things I enjoy so much is watching these tiny optimizations at the margins come to fruition with measurable progress.

Onward and upward!

2 thoughts on “The first 100K is the hardest

  1. It’s wild to watch things grow. I’m still on the getting to $0, but the first $10K definitely felt more brutal than the second $10K.


  2. I love watching the progress! And on bad days when I’m really hating my job, I love running the 4% rule on however much amount I’ve accumulated, and then trying to figure out which country I could move to and survive on that amount in 😛


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